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Real messy but she is done ;) Prolly draw more of her because she’s so darned cute.


Real messy but she is done ;) Prolly draw more of her because she’s so darned cute.

Got these bunny popsicle molds at chinatown…going to make another trip to get the other colors ‘cause they’re just so darn cuuuute~

DisneyBounding Lolita


So I’ve done princesses and villains but lately I’ve been so inspired to put together more Disney themed coordinates so here are some more of a few of my favorite characters!

Anna Lolita
Elsa Lolita

Peter Pan Lolita
Megara Lolita

Esmeralda Lolita
Lilo Lolita
Flynn Rider Lolita




100% accuracy
Thank you so much~! grey-wings

No problem~  I love being helpfuuullllll~  (/^▽^)/  And good luck~


Random film appreciation: “The Fifth Element.” 

It's my first time trying to sew a skirt for a petticoat, I can't really figure out how to do it (I don't have a pattern) I was wondering what pattern or trick you use to keep your skirts fluffy over your petticoat...? grey-wings

I just make a very long rectangle out of fabric.  Gather the top and put a waistband on with elastic all around or elastic only in the back with a zipper. And that’s enough to hold a bell shaped petti.  Here’s a tutorial with drawings if you’re a visual person like me.  And here’s a very helpful list of diy lolita stuff that I like to use. =3

Hope that helps.




cosplay that makes you go "holy shit" by Rick Boer

I thought that was a fucking cg. (I’m on mobile so the image is smaller, can’t see the details at first).
Holy shit.

cosplay that makes you go 



We’re the generation of women who will teach their sons to act respectfully instead of teaching our daughters to beware

This is everything I stand for.


Reblog if you’re a super special sparkle fairy princess buried in a sea of frills and lace, breaking men with your cuteness overload. 

The coord that I wore to the lolita meetup yesterday . =3  I made the beret and dangling stars so I had accessories to go with my outfit.

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